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Multi-function portable generator is made not only for emergencies backup power at home,is very useful for camping, or wherever you need power when you are on the go .with high power/energy, you can keep your electrical devices, appliances, lights and more going for longer. Variety of quick charging modes And a rich product range.
Rated power: 2KW 
Peak power: 4KW

AC output 220-240V50hz/100-120V60Hz :4pcs (choose)                                       

Wireless charging :2pcs

USB output: 5V3.1A:4pcs
DC output 12V3A:2pcs
Car cigarette lighter:12V10A:1pc
Type-c PD 45W:2pcs
DC charge: 29.4V10A
PV charge Anderson plug: 36V30A
DC charge :1pc
Product size: 384*249*410mm
Cartoon size : 440*305*465mm  
Weight: 29.7kgs

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